We just got back from Reno where they put on an incredible show - normally I am in and out in 3 hours - take pictures, shake hands with friends, buy some new quilting tools/fabric but this time I was there over 7 hours.  There was a special display of quilts honoring the men and women of the space program.  There was a huge display of Lion King themed small quilts.  There was a section of art quilts with a number of pieces from artists with the Studio Art Quilt Association.  More vendors than you could shake a stick at and a full day of presentations on fusible art, design theory, patternless quilting.  On top of that there were all the local quilters displaying their work.

It is interesting to go to shows outside of your local area - quilting styles are very much influenced by local people, places and ideas.  The local artists were heavily into representational art - landscapes, portraits, floral designs - very little block/sashing in their work.  Here is a piece cakked Running Thru by Nancy Bardach that I found particularly beautiful.