How to Start a Quilt Business

Two Brothers Quilting actually started nearly 30 years ago as a result of a small missed step. Chuck and I were rebuilding the back of the first house we owned together and Chuck was on a ladder holding a piece of siding. Now on a ladder you cannot actually move left or right very much but we tried it anyway - the result was a broken ankle and six weeks in a full leg cast for Chuck. In a fit of cabin fever Chuck picked up a magazine that had an advertisement for a quilt kit and before the cast was off we had a queen sized quilt done.

At the time we were both working in the computer industry and quilting was where you could let off stress and be creative. The feel of the fabric, working with colors, developing patterns and the rush of seeing a finished piece that you made yourself was so different from writing computer programs - we became quilt addicts.

Every one of our friends has received at least one quilt, table runner, wall hanging or Christmas tree skirt. Some have multiples of each. In short, we were drowning in quilts. If you have ever planted zucchini you know what I am talking about here. Then we started giving quilts away to programs for newborn infants and to domestic violence shelters. We don't meet the recipients of our quilts but we know they are going to people that will appreciate them. The obvious next step was to open a shop on Etsy and make new friends with whom to share our quilts.

We are members of the American Quilt Society. The Modern Quilt Guild, the San Francisco Quilt Guild and Bay Area Modern, a Quilt Guild.  Chuck and I are active in local charity work and have shown pieces in quilt shows here in California.

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